Vegan T-Shirt Brands You Need To Know

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Spread the vegan message with these fun and stylish vegan t-shirts from some of the best vegan clothing brands available right now! 

Vegan t-shirts aren’t just about garments free from animal products. You can also wear vegan apparel that communicates your ethical stance and gets people thinking. 

We’ve scoured the interwebs to put together this list of the top ten vegan t-shirt brands to match your personal style.

From minimalistic designs to brightly colored graphic tees, there’s sure to be something here fo you!

Bad Hass Designs

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Bad Hass Designs is a newcomer to the vegan t-shirt business but they immediately differentiate themselves with their strong environmental and ethical commitment.

Their fun and funky vegan designs are printed on 100% organic cotton t-shirts. Compared to conventionally-grown cotton, organic cotton uses less energy, releases fewer greenhouse gases, does not contaminate groundwater and uses significantly less water, as well as preserving the health of farmers and their communities.

Their shirts have been manufactured in factories powered by renewable energy and accredited by the Fair Wear Foundation which guarantees fair wages and working conditions for factory employees.

Their inks are vegan and non-toxic and they ship their garments in plastic-free biodegradable packaging.

In The Soulshine

A collage of 3 vegan t-shirts.

In the Soulshine offers clean, simple designs with a powerful message.

Their shirts are printed in Bali where workers are paid on a per-piece basis which gives them the opportunity to be paid 40% above minimum wage.

They are currently in transition to printing their designs on 100% organic cotton t-shirts.

They also donate a portion of their proceeds to animal sanctuaries, organizations and activists, which you can read about on their website.

The Dharma Store

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The Dharma Store is a brand that believes fashion and awareness must be connected.

The founders themselves were inspired to go vegan after seeing a stranger wearing a t-shirt with a vegan message and now they want to help you be a seed for change and also have cool graphic tees that align with your convictions.

Threads For Love

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Threads for Love offers cute, feminine designs printed on new tees as well as gently-used thrifted items.

Every design is intended to spread awareness about living a kind, cruelty-free lifestyle. All items carried are vegan, ethically made and sweatshop free.

10% of every sale made is donated to various animal rescues and organizations.

Vegan Outfitters

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Vegan Outfitters offers a range of simple vegan designs printed on either a unisex, muscle or cropped tee in black, white or pastel colors.

They donate a portion of their proceeds to UK sanctuaries that are dedicated to rescuing farm animals from abuse and slaughter. 

Veganized World

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Veganized World specializes in “chuckle-worthy vegan apparel” with their clever puns.

They offer free worldwide shipping on orders over $70 and their shirts are made ethically in sweatshop-free factories and printed with vegan eco-friendly inks.


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Vegetaryn offers a range of vegan tees as well as accessories, hats and jewellery.

Taryn’s passion for spreading the vegan message led her to creating merchandise that helps raise awareness about the vegan lifestyle, all while being able to give back to organizations who help save animals. 

Vegetaryn’s apparel is from sweatshop-free and WRAP Certified factories and are ethically made in Los Angeles. 

Talk Vegan To Me

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The founders of Talk Vegan To Me not only want to share their love of veganism, but they also aim to raise awareness for marginalized communities and the social injustices that are still happening in the world today with their blog.

They donate $1 of every purchase to local animal rescues.

Compassion Co

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Compassion Co aims to create clothing that starts conversations and get the gears turning with their fun and beautiful representations of veganism.

All the cotton used in their garments is 100% organic and some garments contain recycled materials or bamboo.

They print on Royal Apparel shirts which are made in the USA.

Herbivore Clothing

A collage of 3 t-shirts

Herbivore Clothing is the original vegan lifestyle brand. Founded in 2002, Herbivore Clothing has been offering fun and cool t-shirts, accessories, bags, stickers, books and more for nearly 20 years.

They are currently running a racial justice fundraiser where 100% of the profits are donated to civil rights non-profits.

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    Kaia from Vegannn
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    Lovely list of vegan designed T-shirts, I picked some for my vegan friends.

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